Agrigento Centre for wildlife recovery 

Opened by Lampedusa Turtle Rescue in 2018, The Agrigento Centre for Wildlife Recovery is working to help all the injured wildlife in and around the province of Agrigento. Our aim is to help any and all wild animals recover from their injuries, often caused by humanities carelessness, ignorance or fear, and to be released back into the wild.

Despite some struggles, in 2020 alone we helped over 155 creatures, from birds to foxes and of course turtles and in 2021 we rescued more than 250 animals.

Although this centre is not open to the public, we need your help! We are always in need of volunteers to help us provide the best care for our animals. In particular we are looking for resilient and independent people with experience managing wild animals and the ability to drive. If this sounds interesting to you and you would like to learn more please email If you would like to donate please donate to our GoFundMe and leave a note alongside your donation.

If you find an injured animal in Agrigento, do not hesitate to contact us. Information can be found below.  

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Contacting us with an injured animal: 

1. Call (+39) 338 21 98 533

2. Send a Whatsapp message to :(+39) 338 21 98 533 with a photo of the injured animal.

3. Someone will contact you in order to organise the transport of the animal.