Sea turtles are found all around the world. All species are in need of attention, and this is understood by the scientific community. There are many annual gatherings and conferences that the Lampedusa Turtle Group has representatives at. Below is a summary of the highlights of only a few of the symposiums and meetings:

San Diego, CA USA: April 10-15, 2011


At this year's symposium in beautiful San Diego, California we presented three important posters; one from Dr. M. D'Addario on the carapace of turtles and the second regarding veterinary medicine, in collaboration with Prof. A. Di Bello, from the University of Bari. The first poster discussed the effects of an analgesic on turtles, the second discussed the possibility of feeding turtles in critical condition with a naso-gastric esophagus. (a tube that allows you to feed the patient directly into the stomach, without removing them from the water).


To conclude the scientific debate we presented a video presenting some of the emergency situations we encounter at our center. Our peers were emotionally moved by the severity of the turtles in the photos and the way that our small island has managed to cope with the difficult times that we have been presented with.  


The highlight was the presentation given by the congress of veterinary medicine. With pride, the Relief Center coordinated the presentations of 4 great scientists: Prof. T. Norton, the Georgia Sea Turtle Hospital, Prof. C. Harms, North Carolina State University, Dr. T. Schmitt San Diego Sea World and that of Prof. A. Di Bello, University of Bari (who is our scientific coordinator). 



Huatulco, Mexico: March 10-15, 2012


Making the trip to Huatulco, Mexico was absolutely amazing! Thanks to my amazing team of volunteers who could replace me during my time away I was able to represent our center this year! Here we were able to make an impact by educating the public more about our efforts in Lampedusa and also collaborate to increase our knowledge on sea turtle care. Here I was able to present new information that my staff has been researching. It was such a precious opportunity traveling to Mexico! 

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