Turtle Talk

Informative Powerpoints


How are sea turtles able to return to the same beach to nest?
How does a sea turtle nest?
How many eggs do sea turtles lay?

Do sea turtles ever lay eggs underwater?
What do sea turtle eggs look like?
What determines the sex of a sea turtle hatchling?
How do the hatchlings emerge from the nest?
Why do hatchlings emerge together?

How do sea turtles locate the ocean while they are on the beach?

What do sea turtles eat and do they have teeth?

How deep can sea turtles dive?
How long can a sea turtle hold its breath? And why do they drown?
How big was the largest sea turtle ever recorded?

Which is the most common sea turtle? Which is the most endangered sea turtle?
Why are sea turtles endangered?
Why should humans protect sea turtles?

Educational Material 

For kids!

For Educators:

Click here for coloring pages!
Click here for an interactive game! (from NOAA)