Your donations go towards:


01. Fish = food for our turtles

02. Medicine = such as antibiotics, necessary for a complete recovery​


03. Diagnostics = to insure that we do exactly what the patient needs

04. Supplies = for our veterinary practice, we need clean and effective instruments; for maintenance, we need to keep a fresh  supply of seawater, clean and healthy tanks, and a safe working environment)




For other spontaneous donations, you can use our IBAN: IT48Q0200882960000300352240

The Lampedusa Rescue Center has been running solely on volunteer

efforts and donations for almost twenty years.

We value your donations immensely, as they are vital to the maintenance of the Center's efforts and help us carry out our goals. Because there are no other funds, even a little bit can go a long way.

Thank you for your interest and consideration!


For monthly donations using PayPal: